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Brainwave Recorder

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Minhun Kang

We can play music in our minds without actually listening to it.

It’s not perfect, but the concept of ‘hearing’ something is not limited to just through our ears.

Technologies are being developed that allow us to move prosthetic limbs and turn on lights just by thinking, and applying this, a basic music player could be created.

What I’m thinking of first is using brainwaves. Since we need to get brainwave samples, the sample providers should think or listen to each note of a certain pitch range to measure the corresponding brainwaves. (In this case, someone with good musical sense would be ideal.)

For example, if you imagine playing the ‘C’ note of a piano in your mind, a certain brainwave will flow out, and if you imagine playing the ‘C’ note of a violin, another specific brainwave will emerge. In this way, after recording all the notes of various instruments as brainwaves, the developer inputs these brainwaves into the program and programs the device to play the corresponding instrument and note based on the shape of the brainwaves. (Converting brainwaves into a kind of MIDI signal) Once the device is complete, users will be able to play and record music just by thinking.

However, this kind of device is just the beginning. Since our brain can perfectly play and create the subtle nuances of sound, a true brainwave player should be able to output the ‘sounds’ in the brain as they are through external devices.

This simply means converting from MIDI to Wave format, as an example with music file formats.

Although current science and technology are insufficient, it is an item that will definitely emerge someday in the future. (Not only auditory but also visual information like images will be outputtable one day.)