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Let's Create Music That We Want to Hear Again

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Minhun Kang

There’s no music that once heard is never forgotten.
We come to acquire familiar melodies only by listening, wanting to hear again, thinking about it, and listening over and over.

Good music is not necessarily the music that’s easy to remember.
It’s the music that you want to hear again that’s good.

When composing a melody, there might be times when you think, ‘Is this strange?’ and listen to it again. But as you keep listening, it becomes familiar and feels alright. If there’s anything you don’t like about it, it’s better to fix it before it becomes too familiar.

Rather than settling for ‘This is good enough,’ you should keep improving it until it’s ‘Perfect!’ That’s the first step in creating good music.

Others are not familiar with a new piece of music. You need to insert elements that make them want to listen to it again.
Otherwise, even if the melody is tearfully beautiful, the listener won’t be able to appreciate it.

Music is something that cannot be judged just by listening to it once.