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Embracing Challenges with Gratitude

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Minhun Kang

Even if it means postponing what needs to be done, I have no doubt that everything I can immerse myself in right now is what I should be doing and will eventually benefit me.

The me who used to love games no longer finds interest in them. Instead, I indulge in watching movies, studying the universe, and diving into science fiction.

When I enjoyed games, I learned techniques about game music. Now, as I enjoy movies, I am gaining experience in film music, and science fiction has been a source of numerous inspirations. I want to believe that all these are essential processes for my musical development in life.

Moreover, it seems that everything I have experienced in my life so far was a path I had to take for one ultimate journey.

As a child, I blamed and resented my poor right eye, but using my left eye more allowed me to develop my right brain, become more emotional, and gain two precious years to make up for my lack of music education from an early age.

Even my introverted nature, which I disliked the most about myself, gave me the ability to listen to others’ thoughts rather than spending my days playing outside and frequently arguing with people. It allowed me more time to enjoy music at home, read books, and expand my imagination.

God is fair. Everyone is given their own path, and the 1% who succeed are those who never gave up believing in themselves and moving forward.

I will continue to look ahead. If I step on the path laid out by my future self and keep moving forward without pause, I believe there will be an irreplaceable me at the end of that journey.

Today, I gratefully accept the challenges that will be the foundation of my future…