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Dog Days (2024) - Ending

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Film Music Orchestral Strings
Minhun Kang

Album Introduction

Release of the OST for the movie 〈Dog Days〉!

‘A feel-good movie’

With the box office guaranteed appearances by Yoo Hae-jin, Yoon Yeo-jeong, Kim Seo-hyung, Kim Yunjin, Jung Sung-hwa, Lee Hyun-woo, Tang Joon-sang, Daniel Henney, etc., the movie 〈Dog Days〉 is set to premiere on February 7, 2024.

Director Kim Deok-min, who directed 〈Dog Days〉, is a talented director who has worked as an assistant director on significant works like 〈Hero〉, 〈Keys to the Heart〉, and 〈Operation Chromite〉.
The music is by Music Director Hwang Sang-jun, who has previously collaborated with Director Kim Deok-min on projects like 〈Hero〉 and 〈Keys to the Heart〉.
Music Director Hwang Sang-jun, who touched upon the beautiful reunion of a scattered family in 〈Keys to the Heart〉, continues his tender melodies in this work, 〈Dog Days〉.

In an era where one in four Koreans is a pet owner, counting up to 15 million pet companions, there are fragile souls like the ‘Deputy Chief’ in the movie, who are neglected and abandoned, as well as those like ‘Wanda’ or ‘Sting’ who approach us with unconditional trust.
〈Dog Days〉 features pets not just as companions but as healers leading the recovery of human relationships.
They are sketched as beings who restore our trust and overcome loneliness, with their adorably heartwarming appearances as a bonus!

With many characters and their stories progressing, music plays a significant role.
The end of the movie encapsulates a single message, concluding with a uniform emotional tone, making the [Dogdays ending] theme song composed for this closure feel all the more rich.
The ending theme song, which is an arrangement titled [Sky Star], is sung by indie singer ‘JEMINN’.
JEMINN is a South Korean singer-songwriter and producer, primarily active on SoundCloud. He started his journey as an artist with “Waiting For Love” uploaded to SoundCloud in October 2018, and his “Rainy Saturday” released in April 2019 received a warm reception from the public.
His lyrical voice fits perfectly with the movie’s emotions, ensuring the audience remains seated even as the theater lights come back on.

In February 2024,
the movie 〈Dog Days〉 and Music Director Hwang Sang-jun’s 〈Dog Days OST〉 will warm our hearts that have been cold throughout the winter.


  1. Dog Days Ending
    Composed by Hwang Sang-jun
    Arranged by Hwang Sang-jun, Kang Minhun (BLOODMOON)
    String Arranged by Kang Minhun @ Aim Strings

Original Score Composer and Music Director Hwang Sang-jun [Leadingtone]
Additional Music by Park Eunji, Lee Taehyun, Ryu Jiyeon, Lee Sangmin
Music Editor Hwang Sang-jun
Mixed by Yoon Sangchul, Leadingtone Sound
Mastered by Park Munsu
Recorded and Mixed at Infinity Studio, Leadingtone Sound
Mastered at U-il SOUNDWORKS
Studio Recording Engineer Yoon Sangchul, Shin Daeyong, Kim Yongseop
Elec Guitar Son Seongmok, Yeom Seungjae
Acoustic Guitar Son Seongmok, Yeom Seungjae
Bass Choi Inseong
Drum Lee Gyuhyeong
Keyboard Hwang Sang-jun, Park Eunji, Lee Taehyun, Ryu Jiyeon, Lee Sangmin
1st Violin Bae Sinhee, Shim Minjin, Lee Juhye, Lee Eunyoung, Kim Youngjoong, Kim Dabin, Kim Yoobin
2nd Violin Seo Jieun, Lee Seonjeong, Choi Ju-young, Kang Seunghee, Jeon Yeonjeong, Song Hyunseung
Viola Kim Jiyu, Kwon Seohee, Seo Yesul, Park Hyekyung
Cello Park Gunwoo, Kong Minsun, Park Jooyoung
Violin Solo Bae Sinhee
Cello Solo Park Gunwoo