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Sangjun Hwang, Danny Koo - Goodbye Earth

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Strings Instrumental
Minhun Kang

Album Introduction

[Hello Earth, Hello Us]

In May 2023, the single album ‘Goodbye Earth’ will be released.

As the violin melody of Denny Koo passes like a gentle breeze through the emotional forest composed by film music director Sangjun Hwang, one’s eyes naturally close.

Goodbye… and Earth.

The times are suspicious.
The ’nasty thing’ in the air of the era, unseen, has been toying with us. The groans of the Earth, unheard, are gradually leaking out of its ‘body’.

The walls of daily life, thought to be robust, have crumbled meaninglessly, and precious things have departed without a farewell amidst the dust.

The era of uncertainty… the onset of the apocalypse?
We are always one of the two:
Either calmly accepting our fate like a patient with a terminal diagnosis or panicking upon realizing our fragility.
But here, one artist’s disposition is neither powerless nor despairing. It mourns the loss and comforts those who remain.
Hence, the title ‘Goodbye Earth’ also sounds like ‘Goodbye us.’

Sangjun Hwang, the music director of the previously hit OTT drama ‘My Name,’ has taken on an independent project after a long time.
Stepping back from his routine work as a functional and mechanical musician, he filled the staff with contemplation.
Since it wasn’t music for a video, the video emerges like an ‘afterimage.’

A devastated battlefield, whether from World War I or II. As the gunfire and bomb blasts towards each other’s trenches subside, it doesn’t matter whether it’s friend or foe. A muddy soldier in the trench, struggling to suppress his body’s tremors, stands up.
In his hand, instead of a gun, is an old violin.
A moment of silence… soon, his bow scrapes the D note on the G string. The violin’s performance continues in the lower register, setting aside its distinct and aristocratic high tones.
Thus, it’s even more sorrowful.
The regret and sorrow of the soldiers are a string ensemble.

‘Goodbye Earth’ is such a song.


Music Composed and Arranged by Sangjun Hwang

Solo Violin: Denny Koo
Orchestrated by Sangjun Hwang, Hyung Shin, Minhun Kang
Piano by Sangjun Hwang, Hyung Shin

String Performed by JAM STRING

1st Violin: Shinhee Bae, Sunjeong Lee, Juhye Lee, Eunyoung Lee, Myungbin Han
2nd Violin: Gyuhyun Han, Jieun Seo, Minjin Shim, Shinsuk Bae
Viola: Jiyu Kim, Yeseul Seo, Sunju Kim
Cello: Gunwoo Park, Minsun Kong

Recording Engineer: Daewoong Shin, Sangcheol Yoon
Mixed and Mastered by Byungjun Hwang [Sound Mirror Korea]