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Youngbeen Oh - If I'm With You

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Strings Instrumental
Minhun Kang

Virtual Instruments Used

  • Chris Hein Ensemble Strings
  • 8Dio Century Strings
  • 8Dio Intimate Studio Strings
  • SWAM Solo Violin

Album Introduction

Debut of Pianist Youngbeen Oh

With his new song [If I’m With You], which allows us to feel the love and sincerity for a lover, we look forward to many more activities in the future.


Composed by Youngbeen Oh
Arranged by Youngbeen Oh
Piano Youngbeen Oh
String Minhun Kang@Aim Strings

Recorded by Nam Youngwoo@Choi Sound Lab
Mixed by Nam Youngwoo@Choi Sound Lab
Mastered by Nam Youngwoo@Choi Sound Lab

[ This album was produced as part of the “Excellent Performance Record Production Support Project (Unallocated Compensation Funds for Public Interest Purposes)” by the Korea Music Performers Association. Supported by FKMP ]