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[Wars Of Prasia OST] EP3: Desperate Moment

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Orchestral Game Music
Minhun Kang

EP3: Desperate Moment - The Awakened Colossus

Among the summoning creatures created by the ancient elves,
the ultimate weapon of condensed Aether power.
The Aether Colossus, possessing a power stronger than anything in Linea,
awaits its final heart to bring it into motion.

The majestic choir and orchestra sound
maximize the tension in a slow tempo.


Project Managed by Pracia Chronicle
Music & Sound Directed by NEXON Sound Team
Composed & Arranged by Jihoon Park
Orchestrated & Conducted by Minhun Kang @Aim Strings

Choir Seongnam City Choir
Sop. Myunghi Kim, Kyeongjin Lee, Durum Yang, Sooyeon Joo, Sohyeong Lee
Alt. Soyoung Jeong, Mihyeon Oh, Eunmi Noh
Ten. Seungwook Ryu, Joongeun Lee, Kyeongil Kim, Muryong Choi
Bas. Youngjae Moon, Hyoyoung An, Seokha Hwang, Manki Jo

String Performed by Yungstring
Flute Yeonhwa Song
Oboe Misung Lee
Clarinet Junghwan Park
Bassoon Jieun Heo
F. Horn Byunghoon Kim, Yoon Choi
Trumpet Hyangmin Baek, Kyubin Kang
Trombone Jongwon Lee, Jongsu Jung
Bass Trombone Hyunseok Hong

Recording Engineer Kiho Jeong, Chanmi Lee @Seoul Studio
Recording Studio Seoul Studio
Mixing Engineer Sungjun Hong @Gennari Sound
Mastering Engineer Hoon Jeon @Sonic Korea