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Under The Gun(2024)

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Film Music
Minhun Kang

Work Introduction

‘Under the Gun,’ set to be released on April 12th, will be exclusively serviced through the Hong Kong-based PCCW multi-territory OTT platform Viu in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, etc., and through Rakuten Viki in the Americas, Europe, Oceania, India, etc. In South Korea, it is scheduled to be released through Lifetime, E Channel, and AXN.

‘Under the Gun’ is a mid-form drama inspired by ‘K-High Teen Tazza’. Amidst the rising popularity of Texas Hold’em poker as a sport in South Korea, many Hold’em pubs are emerging. This series unfolds as a high-teen noir romance centered around Texas Hold’em.

SF9’s Zuho will play the male lead, Go Gun. Go Gun is the son of the nation’s top Hold’em pro player, Go Junha. He strives to rebuild his collapsed family by any means necessary.

Jo Soomin will portray the female lead, Cha Seyoung, alongside Zuho. Cha Seyoung, played by Jo Soomin, is a student who dreamt of becoming a pianist. She went to Los Angeles for middle school, possessing cute looks, a cool personality, and hails from a well-off family.

Adapted from a K-webtoon with its unique story and characters, ‘Under the Gun’ aims to expand its influence in the global market. Its combination of romance within a noir setting has led to its pre-sale in over 180 countries.

Music Director: Minhun Kang
Music Supervisor: Han Seongeun, Jo Sehee
Composition/Arrangement: Kim Changrak, Minhun Kang, Kim Subin, Jo Sehee, Im Suhyuk, Kim Seungchan
Sound: Minhun Kang, Jo Sehee
Music Mixing: Jo Sehee
Mixing Assistant: Lee Youngkwang