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Strings K-Pop
Minhun Kang

Virtual Instruments Used

  • SWAM String Sections
  • SWAM Solo Cello

Album Introduction

[VROMANCE, 15th Digital Single ‘Hello (안녕)’, ‘Still Haven’t Broken Up (Remastered ver.)’]

South Korea’s representative male vocal group VROMANCE has come together with top-notch vocalists and spectacular producers to create an album worth collecting.

This digital single ‘Hello (안녕)’ by VROMANCE, with its relaxed yet explosive vocal prowess, is a sweet ballad album that perfectly blends the unique colors of the three members.

The title track ‘Hello (안녕)’ expresses the poignant heart of a man unable to forget his lover. It showcases VROMANCE’s characteristic lyrical piano melody along with explosive emotions. The track ‘Winter Quotes (겨울을 빌려요)’ highlights VROMANCE’s harmonies and features impressive lyrics about confessing love. Notably, this album includes a remastered version of ‘Still Haven’t Broken Up,’ originally released in March. The song has been reworked with great care for a new listening experience, despite being previously released.

Eldest member Park Janghyun, constantly evolving through activities in ‘National Singer’ and musicals, returns with VROMANCE’s album, infusing his powerful vocals with a sense of longing. Park Hyungyu, active in ‘Sing Again 2’ and the musical ‘We Will Rock You,’ has also poured his refined and weighty vocals into every track of this digital single. Additionally, the youngest member Lee Hyunseok also adds depth to every song with his distinctive vocal color.

VROMANCE is gearing up for various activities in 2024. Starting with the digital single ‘Hello (안녕),’ they are preparing to engage with the public through diverse and proactive activities. This album, produced with love by RBW, home to some of South Korea’s top hitmakers, can be considered a masterpiece, containing a variety of stories in each track.

  1. Hello (안녕)
    Lyrics by Hwang Sungjin (RBW), Kim Changrak (AIMING), Lee Yujin (ONCLASSA)
    Composed by Kim Changrak (AIMING), Kim Subin (AIMING), Im Suhyuk (AIMING), A.Tone, Kim Jeongwook
    Arranged by Kim Changrak (AIMING), Im Suhyuk (AIMING), MAYDAY

The title track ‘Hello (안녕)’ is a VROMANCE title song recognized for outstanding vocals, composed by the hitmaking K-POP producer team AIMING. The song captures the heartache of a man unable to forget his lover, with its lyrical piano melody and string orchestra intro captivating the listener. Especially noteworthy is the string orchestra arrangement by the professional team AimStrings, enhancing the emotional depth of the track.

  1. Still Haven’t Broken Up (Remastered ver.)
    Lyrics by Adam H. Evans (RBW), Jin Minho (RBW)
    Composed by Adam H. Evans (RBW), Jin Minho (RBW)
    Arranged by Adam H. Evans (RBW), Jin Minho (RBW), Minhun Kang

Executive Producer RBW Inc. Kim Dohoon, Kim Jinwoo
Supervisor Kim Junghoon, Kim Gookjin, Shin Soojin
Music Produced and Director Hwang Sungjin
Planning & Marketing Director Koo Bonyeong
Project Planning & Marketing Hwang Jihae, Kim Sooyeon
A&R Hwang Sungjin, Lee Hyejin, Jo Eunju, Jung Hyejun
Director of Management Lee Heonmin, An Seonghee, Jeon Soojin
Artist Management Kim Hyojun, Ryu Seungwoo, Jeon Seyoung, Choi Jaewon, Lee WooHyun, Wi Seonghoon, Chae Jesung, Kim Byeongmin, Bae Jaewoo
Fan Marketing Kim Nanhee
Visual Support Kim Minjeong, Jeong Jiyoung, Yu Heena
Artwork & Design Haseo Jin, Lee Yujin @ BizEnt
Style Planning & Production Han Yeongjin, Kim Yejin @RBW

Guitar Kim Yeonghyeon, Park Seohyeon, Lim Daewoon
Bass Lim Kibeom
Drum Jin Minho, Eun Juhyeon
Piano Jeon Dahun, Im Suhyuk (AIMING), Kang Jueun
String Arranged by Minhun Kang @ Aim Strings
MIDI Programming Kim Subin (AIMING), Im Suhyuk (AIMING)
Chorus Park Hyungyu, Lee Hyunseok, Kim Changrak (AIMING)

Recorded by Jeon Dahun, Kim Yeonghyeon, Jo Eunju, Yu Sangho @ RBW Studio
Edited by Jo Eunju @ RBW Studio
Mixed by Adam H. Evans, Jo Eunju @ RBW Studio, Go Seungwook @ BONO Studio
Mastered by Kwon Namwoo @ 821 Sound Mastering


끝이 아니길 바라는 나를 알긴 할까 (Kkeuchi anigil baraneun naleul algin halkka)
Will you know that I hope it’s not the end

끝을 바라는 널 보면 자꾸 초라해져 (Kkeuteul baraneun neol bomyeon jakku chorahaejyeo)
When I see you hoping for the end, I keep feeling pathetic

너의 웃음이 잊혀져가면 우린 더 어색해졌어 (Neoui useumi ijhyeojyeogamyeon urin deo eosaekhaejyeosseo)
As your smile fades away, we became even more awkward

긴 하루가 또 지나도 변한 건 없는데 (Gin haruga tto jinado byeonhan geon eomneunde)
Even though long days pass, nothing has changed

멈춰진 우리 사이만 끝나가고 있어 (Meomchwojin uri saiman kkeutnagago isseo)
Only our stagnant relationship is coming to an end

너의 말들은 길을 잃어가 (Neoui maldeureun gireul ilheoga)
Your words are losing their way

그런 너를 더는 바라지 않아 이젠 (Geureon neoreul deoneun baraji anha ijen)
I don’t hope for someone like you anymore, now

안녕 안녕이란 (Annyeong annyeongiran)
Goodbye, goodbye

짧은 인사에 또 무너지게 돼 (jjalbeun insae tto muneojige dwae)
I crumble at the short greeting

한참을 혼자 견뎌내 봐도 아파오는데 (hanchameul honja gyeondyeonae bwado apaoneunde)
Even though I endure it alone for a long time, it hurts

돌아선 널 더는 잡을 수 없어 (Doraseon neol deoneun jabeul su eobseo)
I can’t hold onto you who turned away anymore

안녕 안녕이란 (Annyeong annyeongiran)
Goodbye, goodbye

차마 너에게 전할 수 없던 말 (Chama neoege jeonhal su eobdeon mal)
Words I couldn’t tell you

멀어지는 널 바라만 본다 (Meoreojineun neol baraman bonda)
I just look at you getting farther away

늘 함께 걷던 거리에 멍하니 서 있어 (Neul hamkke geotdeon georie meonghani seo isseo)
I stand blankly on the street we used to walk together

날 보는 너의 눈빛에 끝을 보게 됐어 (Nal boneun neoui nunbiche kkeuteul boge dwaesseo)
I saw the end in your gaze

이젠 사랑이 아닌 것 같아 (Ijen sarangi anin geot gata)
Now, it seems like it’s not love anymore

그런 너를 더는 사랑한다 말할 수 없어 (Geureon neoreul deoneun saranghanda malhal su eobseo)
I can’t say I love someone like you anymore

안녕 안녕이란 (Annyeong annyeongiran)
Goodbye, goodbye

짧은 인사에 또 무너지게 돼 (jjalbeun insae tto muneojige dwae)
I crumble at the short greeting

한참을 혼자 견뎌내 봐도 아파오는데 (hanchameul honja gyeondyeonae bwado apaoneunde)
Even though I endure it alone for a long time, it hurts

넌 가슴 깊이 아련하게 남아 (Neon gaseum gipi aryeonhage nama)
You remain deep in my heart

안 돼 오늘이 다 지나가면 안 돼 (An dwae oneuri da jinagamyeon an dwae)
No, it can’t be, it can’t be when today passes by

너를 잊을까 두려운 마음에 숨이 멎어가 (Neoreul ijeulkka duryeoun maeume sumi meogeoga)
In the fear of forgetting you, my breath stops

멀어진 너를 바라만 본다 (Meoreojin neoreul baraman bonda)
I just look at you getting farther away