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Cakewalk Sonar X3 Released!

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Minhun Kang

Cakewalk Sonar X3 Released!

As a Sonar user, one cannot help but welcome this upgrade packed with new features.

  • Addictive Drums now come standard
  • Audio track editor switched to Melodyne
  • Real-time cloud backup of projects (up to 5GB free)
  • Direct export to SoundCloud and YouTube
  • Tape emulator (digital-to-analog virtual module)
  • Latest VST technology incorporated
  • Numerous new FX plugins added (EQ Zoom is nothing short of revolutionary)
  • Full support for 64bit/384kHz standards
  • Enhanced convenience in MIDI and audio sequencing, and more

The integration with Melodyne is a real masterstroke. Audio tracks can now be edited directly like piano rolls, and easily converted to MIDI tracks.

Cakewalk is creating a monster by partnering with other companies.

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