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How to Conceive Musical Ideas

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Minhun Kang

In my opinion, hearing can be divided into three categories. The first is the hearing that perceives the vibration of air through the eardrum, the second is the hearing that listens to thoughts through the brain, and the third can be called a deeper area of sound.

Usually, when composing, I use the second type of hearing, but when I hear music while dozing or in a dream, or when a musical idea flashes through my mind, I use the third type of hearing.

Once you can utilize the third type of hearing, it reflexively responds to the next phrase, instrument, melody, or chord of the sound recalled by the second type of hearing, just like an animal reflexively reacts to the movement of its prey.

If we consider drawing a picture with our eyes as the second type of hearing, then imagining that picture in our head is the third type of hearing.

The quality difference between the picture in our head and the one we scribble with our hands goes without saying.

Don’t try to draw notes in your head. Feel the instinctive sound coming from a deeper place.