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Music Spoke to Me

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Minhun Kang

Music communicates its story inherently, but it is translated to emotions for people. To extract the story music wants to tell into words, one must utilize their own experiences, mood, and background knowledge.

Everyone may hear the same story, but as we attempt to articulate it, the narrative changes for each listener.

In a dream, I heard music and suddenly understood the story it was telling. The idea of interpreting the language of music into human language is challenging due to their distinct natures, but it seemed possible in a dream.

Yet now, I still remember that feeling and feel like I have somewhat grasped the method of translating music’s language into sentences.

The background parts (supporting instruments, reverberations, and other effects) describe the setting, while the melody represents a word or a sentence with one or a few notes.

It’s like listening to instrumental music as if it were vocal. On the contrary, I found vocal music too inadequate to express melody through lyrics, feeling as if the lyricist is being whimsical.

This fresh experience makes me want to extract the music I heard into writing. Furthermore, in composing music, I feel I could create a piece that feels like listening to a story or watching a movie.

Can a piece I write, embedding my story into the melody, be accurately understood by its listeners?

I want to write such a piece.

Music, a universal language and a divine gift, becomes more mystical the more one knows about it.