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The Social Role of Music

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Minhun Kang

Humans can hand over money and bread to others, but they cannot transfer their own emotions.

As a medium of this transfer, they use actions, language, and visual depictions, but for the recipient, these are merely acts of interpreting and understanding the other’s psyche based on their own experiences and knowledge.

Harmony and scales are the concrete embodiments of the diverse emotions inherent in humans, established through sound.

Through their organic combination, music becomes the tool that can directly convey a person’s emotions and thoughts, and even their most complex psychologies, into another’s mind.

Humans, using music as a tool, construct a spiritual network that influences society as a whole, forming the personality ultimately sought by humanity through the emotional exchange among many.

There is no other tool like this, akin to magic.

Harmony and scales were not invented but discovered.

We must strive to understand and properly use this magnificent tool given by the divine, realizing its purpose.

Music is the key that determines the direction and future towards which humanity is progressing.