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My Favorite Music (1)

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Minhun Kang

Korean Pop Music

Yesterday โ€“ Park Hye-kyung

Flying through the Deep Night โ€“ Park Hye-kyung

Rain Shower โ€“ Lee Sun-hee

I Donโ€™t Know โ€“ Apink

Rain Drop โ€“ IU

It’s You โ€“ Sung Si-kyung & IU

I Love You โ€“ Akdong Musician

Romeo n Juliet โ€“ Clazziquai

Nothing Better โ€“ Brown Eyed Soul

Is It the Wind โ€“ Brown Eyed Soul

Thereโ€™s No One Like That โ€“ Lee Seung-chul

Are You Listening โ€“ Lee Seung-chul

Without a Word โ€“ 9th STREET

Yesterday โ€“ Taru

Sunglass โ€“ Loveholic

Loveholic โ€“ Loveholic

Sky โ€“ Loveholic

Flowerpot โ€“ Loveholic

Tv โ€“ Loveholic

The Flower Reblooms โ€“ Loveholic

International Pop Music

Nostalgia โ€“ Every Little Thing

Platina โ€“ Sakamoto Maaya

Beautiful โ€“ Round Table

Dancinโ€™ All Night โ€“ Round Table

In April โ€“ Round Table

Smile โ€“ Avril Lavigne

Iโ€™m Yours โ€“ Jason Mraz

Marry You โ€“ Bruno Mars

I Will Be โ€“ Leona Lewis

Miss Invisible โ€“ Marie Digby

You Belong With Me โ€“ Taylor Swift

Rhythm Of Love โ€“ Plain White T`s

Amelie โ€“ Portable Groove 09

Bring Me The Night โ€“ Sam Tsui

One World โ€“ Celtic Woman

Stay With Me โ€“ Libera

Voca Me โ€“ Libera

I Am The Day โ€“ Libera

So Long & Thanks For All The Fish โ€“ From the movie “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

Thatโ€™s How You Know โ€“ From the movie “Enchanted”

True Loveโ€™s Kiss โ€“ From the movie “Enchanted”

I See The Light โ€“ From the movie “Tangled”

A Whole New World โ€“ From the movie “Aladdin”

Way Back Into Love โ€“ From the movie “Music And Lyrics”

Buddhaโ€™s Delight โ€“ From the movie “Music And Lyrics”

All I Ask of You โ€“ From the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”

Think of Me โ€“ From the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”

For Good โ€“ From the musical “Wicked”

Defying Gravity โ€“ From the musical “Wicked”

Instrumental Music

Neo Symphonia โ€“ Yang Bang-ean

Free as the Wind โ€“ Yang Bang-ean

In Our Hands โ€“ Yang Bang-ean

Papillon โ€“ Secret Garden

Love Me Tender โ€“ Andre Gagnon

Itโ€™s a Beautiful Day โ€“ Ariya

In the Morning Light โ€“ Yanni

Eternity โ€“ Yuriko Nakamura (Acoustic Cafe version available)

River Flows In You โ€“ Yiruma

Start โ€“ Depapepe

Book End Bossa โ€“ Round Table

End Credits OST โ€“ From the movie “Contact”

Circus Fantasy โ€“ From the movie “Water For Elephants”

Iโ€™m Forrest โ€ฆ Forrest Gump โ€“ From the movie “Forrest Gump”

This is berk โ€“ From the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”

Kingdom Dance โ€“ From the movie “Tangled”

ใตใŸใŸใณ (Once Again) โ€“ From “Spirited Away”

ใ‚ใฎๅคใธ (To That Summer) โ€“ From “Spirited Away”