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Big Mama - Born (本)

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Strings K-Pop
Minhun Kang

1. Starry Night

2. Like Nothing Happened

9. One Day More

Virtual Instruments Used

  • Chris Hein Ensemble Strings
  • Chris Hein Solo Cello

Album Introduction

Big Mama’s sixth full-length album [Born(本)]

The legendary vocal group Big Mama returns with a full-length album after 12 years. [Born(本)] is their first full-length album in about 12 years since the fifth full-length album [5] released in 2010, discussing the origin of Big Mama returning as a complete group after 9 years. The album title, matching ‘Born’ meaning ’to be born’ and ‘root’ (本), is set to showcase the primal color and harmony unique to the group Big Mama. Previously, Big Mama proved their legendary status by topping major domestic music charts with [Just One More Day]. Expectations are high that Big Mama will once again prove themselves as Korea’s top vocal group with this full-length album after 12 years.


  1. Starry Night

The vintage, rhythmical soul ballad ‘Starry Night’ expresses a precious heart that longs for a better tomorrow than today and the painful emotions of reminiscing and missing a day that never returns. The song features a vintage string sound by Aim Strings, led by Minhun Kang, warm drum beats, and smooth guitar phrases, creating an atmosphere like looking at the night sky.

Composers AIMING (Changrak Kim, Subin Kim)
Lyricists AIMING (Changrak Kim, Subin Kim), Kyungwon Yoon (ONCLASSA)
Arrangers AIMING (Changrak Kim, Suhyuk Lim)
String by Aim Strings (Minhun Kang, Suhyuk Lim)


  1. Like Nothing Happened Title

‘Like Nothing Happened’ is a song that depicts the emotion of being unable to shake off the sadness of a breakup, produced by the hitmaker producing team AIMING, covering various genres such as MC the Max, MeloMance, Monday Kiz, Super Junior, TWICE, IZ*ONE. The song features elaborate and emotional orchestration by Aim Strings, vividly expressing the storyline and showcasing Big Mama’s mature and explosive vocal prowess.

Composers AIMING (Changrak Kim, Subin Kim)
Lyricists AIMING (Changrak Kim, Subin Kim), ONCLASSA (Minjae Kim, Kyungwon Yoon)
Arrangers AIMING (Changrak Kim, Subin Kim, Suhyuk Lim)
String by Aim Strings (Sungeun Han, Suhyuk Lim, Minhun Kang)


  1. Love Alone (나만 한 사랑)

‘Love Alone’ is a medium-tempo R&B song produced by MonoTree, encapsulating the lingering memories and unresolved emotions following a breakup. The song is marked by the members’ heartfelt vocal performances, layered vocal harmonies, electric guitar, and brass elements, creating a rich and distinctive Big Mama sound.

Composers Lee Juhyung (MonoTree), Son Go-eun (MonoTree), Kwon Aejin (MonoTree)
Lyricist Park Jiyeon (MonoTree)
Arranger Son Go-eun (MonoTree)


  1. Breath (숨)

‘Breath’ is an acoustic ballad with a soothing indie vibe, featuring sweet acoustic guitar, cajon, shakers, and other percussion instruments. The song is like a healing and comforting embrace, highlighted by the lyrics “I just embrace myself tighter and keep walking.” ‘Breath’ showcases a different side of Big Mama’s explosive vocal talent, offering a warm and intimate performance as if sitting close to the audience in a small live club.

Composers AIMING (Changrak Kim, Subin Kim, Sehee Cho)
Lyricists Changrak Kim (AIMING), Eunkyung Kim (ONCLASSA)
Arrangers AIMING (Changrak Kim, Suhyuk Lim), Chaewon Jang (ONCLASSA)


  1. And you? (Solo by Shin Yeon-ah)

‘And you?’, fitting for a snowy day, features real instruments throughout. The song includes brush drumming reminiscent of waves, a heavy contrabass, sweet orchestral sounds, and a languid trumpet, creating a cozy jazz ballad. It’s a shy confession song that can be used to convey love feelings in a non-overwhelming way.

Composer Shin Yeon-ah
Lyricist Shin Yeon-ah
Arranger Hwang Jun-ik


  1. The Joy of True Self (Solo by Lee Ji-young)

‘The Joy of True Self’ reflects Lee Ji-young’s personal experiences and feelings. Having gone through motherhood, her perspective on life changed, focusing more on the inner self. The song, starting with minimal piano and gradually incorporating more instruments, offers a pop ballad experience with hidden ambient sounds enhancing the spatial feel.

Like launching a love-filled rocket into the vast unknown universe, this song is dedicated to the precious, tender, and pure soul inside each one of you who hasn’t received comfort from anyone.

Composer Lee Ji-young
Lyricist Lee Ji-young
Arranger Kim Seunghyun


  1. Diary (Solo by Lee Young-hyun)

‘Diary’ is a solo song by member Lee Young-hyun, expressing unspoken feelings as if writing in a diary. This synth-pop track showcases Lee Young-hyun’s first foray into the genre, expanding her image from powerful ballads. The autobiographical lyrics, coupled with her powerful vocals and intense guitar play, provide a refreshing catharsis to listeners.

Composer Lee Young-hyun
Lyricist Lee Young-hyun
Arrangers Lee Young-hyun, Jaeho, Ewha


  1. Star (Solo by Park Min-hye)

‘Star’ is a solo song by member Park Min-hye, conveying a message to a beloved who taught her about true love. The lyrics metaphorically describe the loved one as a ‘star’, shining beautifully and brightly even in darkness and always present, making it memorable. Park Min-hye’s emotive vocal delivery, combined with pianist DUNK’s involvement and grandiose strings, creates a warm and harmonious piece.

Composer Park Min-hye
Lyricist Park Min-hye
Arranger DUNK


  1. One Day More (하루만 더)

‘One Day More’ is an R&B ballad that retains Big Mama’s emotional essence, produced by the hit-making team AIMING. The song’s poignant lyrics of longing for a departed lover, “Just one more day to love you,” highlight Big Mama’s enriched emotions and matured vocal skills. The intro’s vintage electric piano and Aim Strings’ emotive and rich string arrangements enhance the deep sentiment of the traditional R&B ballad.

Composers AIMING (Changrak Kim, Subin Kim, Sehee Cho)
Lyricists Changrak Kim (AIMING), Songhee Choi (ONCLASSA)
Arrangers AIMING (Changrak Kim, Minhun Kang, Suhyun Kwon)
String by Minhun Kang @ Aim Strings


  1. Thanks To.. (2022 Ver.)

‘Thanks To..’ from Big Mama’s third album [For The People] has been remade into the 2022 version. The song, written and composed by the four members of Big Mama to express gratitude to their fervent fans during their past activities, has been reborn in this album. Despite the passage of time and many changes, the song retains its sincere lyrics, deeper vocal tones of the members, and a simple yet more sophisticated melody, representing the musical direction of Big Mama and expected to receive deep love from fans.

Composer Big Mama
Lyricist Shin Yeon-ah
Arranger Joseph K


  1. Like Nothing Happened (Inst.)

Composers AIMING (Changrak Kim, Subin Kim)
Arrangers AIMING (Changrak Kim, Subin Kim, Suhyuk Lim)



Executive Producer Kakao Entertainment

Executive Supervisor Youngseok Kim
Project Chief Director Taeyeon Hwang
Project Director Myungseok Oh
A&R Jungmin Lee
Project Manager Hyoseong An, Soonyoung Kim, Gyu Yeol Choi