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Sim Junhyung - Honest

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Strings K-Pop
Minhun Kang

Virtual Instruments Used

  • Chris Hein Ensemble Strings
  • Chris Hein Solo Cello

Album Introduction

On a snowy day in February, the rookie singer with a melting voice, ‘Sim Junhyung’, released his debut song ‘Honest’.

After a long relationship ended, he couldn’t forget her and kept recalling the memories they shared.

Expressing the difficult inner emotions and the sadness of wanting to hold on but unable to do so, rookie singer ‘Sim Junhyung’ adds a poignant touch to the song with his unique timbre and appeal.

The song’s relatable lyrics, beautiful piano melody, emotionally charged guitar and orchestra, powerful bass, and drums enhance the completeness of the track.

The future activities of rookie singer ‘Sim Junhyung’ are highly anticipated.


Lyrics by zomay
Composed by zomay, Mind182
Arranged by Mind182, zomay

Bass by Seo Woojae
Piano by Go Sooyoung
Guitar by Lee Taewook
Drums by Hong Hyeongki
Strings by Aim Strings (Minhun Kang, Kim Byeonggeun)
Mixed by Lee Geonho (Team N Genius)
Mastered by Kwon Namwoo (821 Sound Mastering)

Artwork by Lee Eunji
Hair & Make up Kim Minji
Photo by Kang Jihoon
Music video by Park Junha


It’ll just be a moment
(jamkkan-imyeon dwae)
Our long journey
(gil-eossdeon uli-ui)
This is our last story
(majimag iyagi-ya)
The words I haven’t said yet
(ajik mothan maldeul-i)
Keep me from letting you go
(jakku neol nohji moshage hae)
Yes, this is enough for us
(geulae uli imanhadmyeon)
Now, if we turn around
(ije dwilo dol-aseomyeon)
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
(annyeong annyeong annyeong)
(jal ga)
Don’t look back
(dwido dol-aboji ma)
We still have
(uli hamkke haessdeon chu-eogdeul-i ajik)
Many memories left
(manhi nam-assjiman)
But leave them all to me and just go
(da naege namgigo geunyang ga)
I’m the one who can’t say anything
(neoui dwismoseubman balabogo)
Just looking at your back
(amu mal mos haneun naya)
(jal ga)
Everything is unfamiliar
(jeonbu natseol-eo)
Without you, everything feels like a lie
(neo eobsneun modeun ge da geojismal gat-a)
Even if I close my eyes and erase you
(nun-eul gamgo neol jiwo-do)
Even if I try to forget
(ijeobolyeo haebwado)
It doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work
(an dwae an dwae an dwae)
Just go
(geuman ga)
Please, come back
(jebal dwilo dol-awa)
We still have many promises left
(uli yagsoghaessdeon ildeul-i)
(ajik manhi nam-assjanh-a)
How can I live without you?
(na neo eobs-i eotteohge sala)
Looking at you leaving me
(naleul ddeonan neoleul balabogo)
I’m now trying to hold onto you
(ijeseoya jabneun naya)
Just go, just go
(geuman ga geuman ga)
As I watch your receding back
(meoleojineun dwismoseub-eul balabomyeon)
I’m scared, again scared
(geobi na tto na)
That I might never see you again
(dasin mot bol geosman gat-a)
The words and actions you gave me
(nega naege haessdeon malgwa haengdong-i)
Remain with me
(naege jeonbu nam-a)
They linger around me
(nae gyeot-eul maemdon-dan mal-iya)