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Strings K-Pop
Minhun Kang

Album Introduction

MAMAMOO brilliantly marks 7 years with the release of [I SAY MAMAMOO : THE BEST]!

In June, the eleventh mini-album [WAW] raised the curtain on the ‘Where Are We (WAW)’ project. This project narrated MAMAMOO’s journey over the past seven years, their current position, and the path ahead. It deeply resonated with many, and the group successfully completed their first online concert ‘WAW’ under the ‘NON-STOP’ concept of never being apart from their fans.

Now, with [I SAY MAMAMOO : THE BEST], a best album that encapsulates ‘MAMAMOO’ as introduced to the public in 2014, they have reached the pinnacle of the ‘WAW’ project.

[I SAY MAMAMOO : THE BEST], enriched with MAMAMOO’s identity, offers a refreshing experience by reimagining their hit songs with more vibrant arrangements. It also includes collaborations with other artists, newly recorded in a four-member version, filling the album with 23 tracks voiced by MAMAMOO. It’s like witnessing a genre-defining performance by ‘MAMAMOO’ itself.

Especially noteworthy are the new songs premiered at the online concert ‘WAW’. These include ‘mumumumuch’, a catchy tune with witty lyrics and a melody that you can’t help but hum along to, and ‘Happier than Ever’, a song about longing for MAMAMOO’s unblemished past and wishing for future well-being.

The newly arranged and recorded 23 tracks, including the grand orchestral sound of ‘Paint Me (Orchestra ver.)’, the addictive remix of ‘HIP (Remix ver.)’, ‘Peppermint Chocolate (MMM ver.)’ with Moonbyul’s fresh rap, and the matured voices of MAMAMOO in ‘Mr. Ambiguous 2021’, are enough to encapsulate seven years of MAMAMOO.

It’s time to refocus on MAMAMOO, standing at a new starting point.

Track 1. mumumumuch

A dance-pop genre with a rhythmic bass line and a lively sound. It purely expresses the love as vast as the sky, land, and sea, discovering new sparkling aspects in oneself with that love. This refreshing MAMAMOO-like song, expressing their immense love for fans, is included in the best album as a special gift.

Track 2. Happier than Ever

The times we spent together were finite and not always blissful. However, the small wishes we shared, the moments our eyes met, and the precious memories of those nights were certainly happy ones. This autobiographical song is a message of reluctant goodbye filled with these memories.

[Album Credit]

Executive Producer RBW Inc. (Kim Do-hoon, Kim Jin-woo)
Supervisor Kim Jung-hoon, Shin Su-jin
Planning Office Song Jun-ho, Song Dong-hoon, Ha Jung-min, Park Jung-chan
HR Department Kim Hyo-sun, Shim Ga-hye

Music Produced and Director Kim Do-hoon
General Manager of Planning & Marketing Koo Bon-young
Project Director Lee Su-bin
Project Planning & Marketing Ahn Se-on
Artwork Concept Planning Choi Ye-rang, Choi Ye-seul, Choi Moon-kyung, Han Min-jung @ BizEnt
Artwork & Design Choi Ye-rang @ BizEnt

Planning & Marketing 1 Lee Su-bin, Kang Su-young, Ahn Se-on, Kim A-ran, Kim So-hyun
Planning & Marketing 2 Hwang Ji-hye, Lee So-hyun, Lee Hyun-young, Hwang Jung-mi, Yang Seung-hee, Lee Yu-kyung, Jung Min-ju
Planning & Marketing 3 Kim So-hyun, Kim Young-don, Lee Yu-ri, Kwon Mi-seo
Artist Management Lee Heon-min, Ahn Sung-hee, Lee Geun-mook, Jeon Su-jin, Ryu Seung-woo, Jeon Se-young, Choi Jae-won, Lee Woo-hyun, Lee Yoon-seok, Wi Sung-hoon, Choi Ho-hyuk
Fan Marketing Jung Seung-eun, Lee Ga-yeon, Moon Yun-ji, Seok Ji-eun
Commerce Business HQ Choi Ye-rang, Choi Ye-seul, Choi Moon-kyung, Han Min-jung @ BizEnt
A&R Hwang Sung-jin, Park Ji-young, Lee Hye-jin, Yoo Sang-ho, Jo Eun-ju, Jung Da-un, Kang Roy
Artist Development Kim Hyung-kyu
Administration Kim Ryun-hee, Lee Jin-young, Yoon Deok-in, Ahn Hyun-sun, Park Un-jung, Kang Min-jung
Global Business HQ Son Seok, Wei Hu, Kim Ji-hyun, Lee Yu-jin
Educational Contents Kim Hyun, Namgung Jin, Lee Hyun-jung, Jung Hong-lim, Yoon Young-jun
RBW Japan Branch Wang Jae-woong, Matsumoto Rina, Kikuchi Mami, Kozuka Nana
M&C Division 1 Kim Gook-jin, Ahn Sung-hee, Kim Ja-young, Jang Seok-hoon, Hyun Han-na, Park Bo-ram
M&C Division 2 Go Hee-hyun, Go Hyun-wook, Shin A-ryeon, Park Na-young
Public Relations Park Bo-ra

Stylist Kim A-yeon, Son Eun-ji @ A TEAM
Make up Jang Bit-na, Jung Eun-woo @ Jung Saem Mool Inspiration, Lee Eun-ji
Hair Ham Hee-soo, Park Min-ju @ Mepsie
Photographer Kim Tae-gu, Lee Su-jin, Lee Hyun-jin @ LAD Studio
Music Video Director Yoo Sung-kyun @ Sunny visual
Choreography Lia Kim, JJ @ 1MILLION
Print @ (Ltd.) Yein Arts

Guitar Kim Do-hoon, Hong Jun-ho, Young, Kim Young-hyun, Kang Hyun (ONEWE), Jung Su-wan
Bass Choi Hoon, Jin Min-ho, Im Ki-beom, Kim Min-ki
Drum Ha Hyung-joo
Drum Programing Park Woo-sang, Lee Hu-sang, Jin Min-ho
Piano Kim Do-hoon, Park Woo-sang, Lee Hu-sang, Jin Min-ho, Lee Hwa, Yu Jong-mi, Lee Hyun-seung, Genneo, Jeon Young-ho, Kim Chang-rak
Organ Lee Hwa
Rhodes Hong So-jin
Synthesizer Kim Min-ki, Jin Min-ho
Keyboard Lee Hu-sang, Lee Hwa, Yu Jong-mi, Cosmic Sound
Brass Joo Hyun-woo, Kim Sung-min, Choi Jae-mun
Strings Arranged by Kwon Seok-hong, Lee Hu-sang, Minhun Kang (Aim Strings), Kwon Su-hyun (Aim Strings)
Strings Conducted by Kwon Seok-hong
Strings RB-INJ
Chorus MAMAMOO, Cosmic Girl, Park Woo-sang, eSNa, Park Eun-woo

Recorded by Kim Do-hoon, Lee Sang-ho, Park Woo-sang, Lee Hu-sang, Yoo Sang-ho, Jo Eun-ju, Bang Kyung-sik @ RBW Studio
Strings Recorded by Shin Dae-yong @ Infinity Studio
Drum Recorded by Jung Ki-hong @ Seoul Studio, Oh Sung-geun @ T Studio
Edited by Jo Eun-ju, Kang Roy, Kwon Yu-jin @ RBW Studio
Mixed by Ko Seung-wook @ BONO Studio, Ko Hyun-jung @ koko sound, Master Key @ 821 Sound, HRZ @ HRZ
Hong Sung-jun @ Gennari Sound, Kim Seok-min @ MAPPS Studio, Joe Uncle @ JoeLab
Shin Jae-bin @ CUBE Studio, Park Woo-sang, Yoo Sang-ho, Jo Eun-ju @ RBW Studio
Tony Maserati (Miles Comaskey) @ Mirrorball Entertainment

Mastered by Kwon Nam-woo @ 821 Sound Mastering