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The Joy of Choosing the Right Note

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Minhun Kang

Composing a song really makes me think a lot.

Ah yes.. this was the feeling

It feels like I’ve found something I had lost.
The moments of contemplating whether to choose this rhythm over that, or this note over that, are truly joyful.
And as I reminisce about my current feelings, immersing myself in thought, one of the notes among several choices speaks to that feeling.

The more I know about music, the more mystical it seems.

Just changing one note can transform a Mixolydian mode into a Dorian mode, completely altering the mood of the piece.
The melody chosen by my heart seems to express my emotions through music. It’s truly beautiful.

A day like the Lydian mode

Each day is so special and fantastic..
I look forward to what’s ahead.